Elasticsearch provides a score field if you do a get request via cURL.

  "_index": "twitter",
  "_type": "tweet",
  "_id": "123",
  "_score": 4.2,
  "firstName": "Max"
  "lastName": "Mustermann"

Is there a way to get this score inside symfony. I am wondering if FOSElasticaBundle provides a function similar to the one below to get the score.

$finder = $this->container->get('fos_elastica.finder.app.article');
$boolQuery = new \Elastica\Query\BoolQuery();

$fieldQuery = new \Elastica\Query\Match();
$fieldQuery->setFieldQuery('title', 'I am a title string');
$fieldQuery->setFieldParam('title', 'analyzer', 'my_analyzer');

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When searching with FOSElasticaBundle, you'll get a Elastica\ResultSet with Elastica\Result inside. You can iterate on those results, they have a getScore method to get what you need.

$resultSet = $this->store->search($query);

$results = $resultSet->getResults();

foreach ($results as $result) {
    $score = $result->getScore();

Alternatively, you can get the score with this: $result->getParam('_score');


If trying to change this from within a class that extends FOS\ElasticaBundle\Repository, consider using $this->findHybrid(). That method returns an array containing HybridResult objects. Each HybridResult in turn contains both the transformed entity and the result data (including a score).

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