I am trying to understand if Google stores text or data that are sent to DLP API? For example, I am having some data (text files) locally and I am planning to use google DLP to help identify sensitive information and maybe transform those back.

Would Google store the text files data that I am using? In other words, would it retain a copy of the files that I am sending? I am trying to read through the security and compliance page, but there is nothing that I could find that clearly explains this.

Could anyone please advise? Here is what I was looking at https://cloud.google.com/dlp/data-security


Google DLP API only classifies and identifies the kind of data, mostly sensitive, we want to analyse and Google doesn't store the data we send.


We certainly don't store the data being scanned with the *Content api methods beyond what is needed to process it and return a response to you.

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