I wish to change the opacity of the SnackBar. It has only the background property. Can it be customized or I have to create the custom widget for snack bar?

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Try using the color property of snack bar like this,

  backgroundColor: Colors.black.withOpacity(0.5)

This should work as you expected.


You can adjust the opactiy of your backgroundColor with

  • color.withAlpha(..),

  • color.withOpacity(..),

  • using a hexadecimal integer 0x33ffffff (the first pair of digits after the x represents the alpha value),

  • creating a Color using Color.fromARGB(...)

  • or by using Color.fromRGBO(...).

You can find information about this on this documentation page about the Color class.

Now, you face the following problem: Your content is not yet translucent.

This is easily adjustable using the Opcacity Widget.

In your Snackbar just surround your actual content with an Opacity Widget:

SnackBar(backgroundColor: Color(0x66bbbbbb),
  content: Opacity(opacity: .7,
                    child: Container(), // your content

If you are planning to make the background transparent, this may help you. Mostly you get a black background because of elevation.

  elevation: 0,
  backgroundColor: Colors.transparent,
  • 1
    This is quiet correct for my use case. Elevation leaves a "shade" in the background and setting up elevation to 0 fixes the thing.
    – Maka
    Dec 18, 2021 at 21:31

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