Sorry for my naive question, I am looking for some tools that would automatically convert JSON objects (that are generated in swagger UI) to a Java class objects in Eclipse.

Are there any such tools or plugins that can integrate swagger code with Eclipse Java and Groovy Grails framework. It would save a lot of time by not rewriting a huge amount of Java code every time when I want to change something in JSON objects.


You can use Google Gson Library in java.


You could use that or Groovys JSONsluprer but I depending on what you're trying to achieve it might just be easiest if you have a swagger to start with swagger codegen https://github.com/swagger-api/swagger-codegen tools and have it make those for you. If not you can always look to investigate how they did it.


I suggest to use autorest tool to generate code and models. It supports multiple languages including Java. Here is the github repository autorest

Just follow simple steps-

  1. npm install -g autorest
  2. autorest --input-file=https://******url******/swagger/v1/swagger.json --java --namespace=****namespace*****

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