If I open a position with OrderSend setting a take profit and a stop loss, how can I check if it is still open or, on the contrary, it has been closed because of the stop_loss or the take profit?

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you must have ticketId that you received when you send OrderSend() request.
In order to figure out whether the trade is open or not, use the following:

 int ticket; //your ticket from OrderSend in global variables
 bool isOrderExist(const int _ticket){
       int error=GetLastError();
       return(error!=4108 && error!=4051);

In order to check if the order is closed by SL or TP or any other reason - you should select the order from the OrdersHistory() and then check comment (often '[sl]' or '[tp]' is added to comment) or compare close price and SL and TP

  • just a note: [sl] is added to the comment even if a stop profit is hit. So if you want to detect if a SL was hit (i.e. the order closed with a loss) you should check if the OrderProfit() is <0
    – Val
    Dec 10, 2019 at 15:13

You could probably also use: OrderPrint():

if(OrderSelect(10, SELECT_BY_TICKET)==true) 
    Print("OrderSelect failed error code is",GetLastError());

From the MetaEditor Reference:

Prints information about the selected order in the log in the following format:

ticket number; 
open time; 
trade operation; 
amount of lots; 
open price; 
Stop Loss; 
Take Profit; 
close time; 
close price; 
magic number; 
pending order expiration date.

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