Hello is there any way formulate a condition like the one below ? If field is null then false else field.Property ?

class Node
    public bool IsFilled;

class Holder
    Node nodeBuffer;
    public bool IsFilled => this.nodeBuffer?.IsFilled ?? false; 

How can i say something like if nodeBuffer is null then false else nodeBuffer.IsFilled?


this.nodeBuffer?.IsFilled returns a Nullable<T> so you can just use GetValueOrDefault() method on it so it will be false if null.

So your property definition will look like below:

public bool IsFilled => (this.nodeBuffer?.IsFilled).GetValueOrDefault();

Yes, you can use the equality operator which works with Nullable<bool>

public bool IsFilled => this.nodeBuffer?.IsFilled == true;

Nullable types support all operators that their non-nullable type support, that's called: lifted operator

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