I have some HTML that is stored in a string. How can I render it in a Blazor/Razor view without automatic HTML encoding?


Feature to render raw HTML was added in Blazor 0.5.0 version. This is the example of how raw HTML can be rendered from string containing HTML content:


@functions {
    string myMarkup = "<p class='markup'>This is a <em>markup string</em>.</p>";

More info can be found in "Blazor 0.5.0 experimental release now available" announcement.

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  • Note that you can use MarkupString to inject a <script> tag into a dynamic Blazor page, something that normally won't be allowed by Blazor. Perhaps it's not what I'm supposed to do, but it's useful if you want to insert a custom Google Search box. – DavidHulsman Jan 5 at 18:26

Not right now, but will have it probably in the next version: Follow this.

Workaround (from that issue):


    <span ref="Span"></span>

        [Parameter] string Content { get; set; }
        private ElementRef Span;

        protected override void OnAfterRender()
            Microsoft.AspNetCore.Blazor.Browser.Interop.RegisteredFunction.Invoke<bool>("RawHtml", Span, Content);


        Blazor.registerFunction('RawHtml', function (element, value) {
            element.innerHTML = value;
            for (var i = element.childNodes.length - 1; i >= 0; i--) {
                var childNode = element.childNodes[i];
                element.parentNode.insertBefore(childNode, element);
            return true;
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