dict = {}
flag = True
while True:  
    length = raw_input('enter length')
    amount = raw_input('enter amount')
    if (length == 'quit') or (amount == 'quit'):
        flag = False

I want to add code so

if key in dict:
     # previous value + amount
     # insert the new value to the key
     dict[length] = amount

for example: my inputs are: 13000,2 than: 12000: 2 and again: 13000: 2

so dict will include 13000: 4 and 12000: 2


1 Answer 1

if length in dict:
    dict[length] += amount
    dict[length] = amount

will add the new amount to dict entry for length if it exists and sets it to amount if it doesn't exist yet.

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