I created a .net core console application project as follows. I think several months ago this can be run without error but now it does not work anymore with the following error.

enter image description here


<Project Sdk="Microsoft.NET.Sdk">


    <PackageReference Include="Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Sqlite" Version="2.1.0" />
    <PackageReference Include="Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Tools" Version="2.1.0" />


using Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore;
using System;

namespace ConsoleApp4
    public class Student
        public int Id { get; set; }
        public string Name { get; set; }

    class SchoolContext : DbContext
        protected override void OnConfiguring(DbContextOptionsBuilder optionsBuilder)
            optionsBuilder.UseSqlite("Data Source=MyDatabase.db");
        public DbSet<Student> Students { get; set; }

    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            using (SchoolContext _schoolContext = new SchoolContext())
                Student student = new Student() { Name = "Billy" };


                int result = _schoolContext.SaveChanges();

                Console.WriteLine($"There is(are) {result} student(s) added.");


What causes this error and how to solve it?


For your reference, the database and table do exist as follows.

enter image description here

I am working on Visual Studio 2017 15.8.0 Preview 1.1.

  • Is there a password on the database? – tymtam May 31 '18 at 4:46
  • Check if you have to specify modelBuilder.Entity<Student>().ToTable("Students") to configure model builder entity to table; – user1672994 May 31 '18 at 4:48
  • 1
    Are you sure the path is correct, specify the full path if possible. – Mat J May 31 '18 at 6:08

After wasting several hours, I found the solution. Unlike MyDatabase.db generated by migration in the project root, MyDatabase.db generated by default in $OutDir does not have Students table.

To solve it, I have to apply the following configuration on the root MyDatabase.db.

enter image description here

Probably this issue is caused by VS 2017 Preview.

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  • 1
    Still seeing it in VS2019. – user Jan 9 at 22:58
  • @MoneyOrientedProgrammer It was really nice of you to share your solution. Like you I had also wasted several hours until I find your solution. I'm using EF Core with .NET Standard 2.0 on VS2019 where it works fine on WPF with Copy to Output Directory set to Copy if newer and Build Action set to None. But for VSTO add-in, I had to set Build Action to Content. And all that was because I saw your solution (thank you). – nam May 27 at 5:01
  • @user You mean you have the same issue on VS2019? If so, my comment above may help. – nam May 27 at 5:03

The error means that the table does not exist in the database you're connected to.

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  • Why was this answer downvoted? Although this does not gives a direct solution, this is the exact answer to the OP question. +1 – Olivier Leneveu Nov 6 '18 at 15:09

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