I have a table with the following columns: date, name, cashType, t1, t2, t3. I want to add a column that returns a boolean if the t1, t2, and t3 columns are equal.

This works but I had to hardcode t1, t2 and t3. The columns names change depending on the date. I want to pass in a list of columns dateCols:-3#cols data into the below code.

update validateSign: {x=/} each flip signum (d2018_05_28; d2018_05_29; d2018_05_30) from data

In this instance we can use data dateCols to call the column list within the query,

update validateSign:{x=/}each flip signum data dateCols from data

However, I do not think this query will generate the desired results, an alternative would be

update validateSign:1=(count distinct@)each flip signum data dateCols from data
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    This method of indexing the data table within a select on the data table is not good practice. – terrylynch May 31 '18 at 18:40

For an update statement containing variable column names, you’ll need to use a functional update. The below links contain more information:

https://code.kx.com/q/ref/funsql/ http://code.kx.com/wiki/JB:QforMortals/queries_q_sql#Functional_Forms_of_select_and_update

Usually the easiest way to deduce the arguments of your functional update is to use the parse function on an example like you’ve provided.


Georges comment about the original solution giving wrong results is correct since {x=/} does not tell you that all items in a list are equal, it is a rolling boolean that checks if the next item matches a zero or one. Something like {all x[0]=x} would achieve what you wanted.

To Jemmas point, if your column names can vary and you want to use a select construct then you would have to use a functional select of the form:

q)data:([] date:10#.z.D;name:10?`4;cashType:10?`A`B;t1:-5+10?10;t2:-5+10?10;t3:-5+10?10)
q)dateCols:-3#cols data
q)![data;();0b;(1#`validateSign)!enlist ({all flip x[;0]=x};(flip signum@;enlist,dateCols))]
date       name cashType t1 t2 t3 validateSign
2018.05.31 hjkn B        -1 4  0  0
2018.05.31 okdm A        2  0  3  0
2018.05.31 jggp A        3  -3 0  0
2018.05.31 oimo A        -1 -2 -3 1
2018.05.31 naea A        -1 4  3  0
2018.05.31 jadb B        1  0  1  0
2018.05.31 nojg A        4  4  4  1
2018.05.31 keno B        4  2  -5 0
2018.05.31 hdai B        -3 1  -5 0
2018.05.31 mfmf A        0  1  -5 0

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