I have been working out VSTS for continuous integration/deployment to an on-premise server. I have successfully build a dummy set of artifacts in my build from a VSTS Git repository, which include the Customer and Country tables. I have managed a successful deployment via .dacpac, but am looking to replicate the same with a script-based deployment.

For the build I am publishing all artifacts, my sql files located here:

List of Artifcats

In the release tasks, I am using the SQL database deployment task. he settings I have used for an .sql rather than .dacpac deployment is as follows:


SQL Deployment

Deploy to Dev

The release fails on the 'Deploy to Dev' task with the following log:

2018-05-31T08:14:21.4218768Z ##[section]Starting: Deploy to Dev
2018-05-31T08:14:21.4233677Z ==============================================================================
2018-05-31T08:14:21.4233951Z Task         : SQL Server Database Deploy
2018-05-31T08:14:21.4234238Z Description  : Deploy to SQL Server Database using DACPAC or SQL scripts
2018-05-31T08:14:21.4234458Z Version      : 0.3.10
2018-05-31T08:14:21.4234642Z Author       : Microsoft Corporation
2018-05-31T08:14:21.4234859Z Help         : [More Information](https://aka.ms/sqldacpacmachinegroupreadme)
2018-05-31T08:14:21.4235150Z ==============================================================================
2018-05-31T08:14:24.2246881Z ##[error]Exception calling "GetDirectoryName" with "1" argument(s): "The path is not of a legal form."
2018-05-31T08:14:24.2348684Z ##[section]Finishing: Deploy to Dev

I had thought that using the **/*.sql wildcard would have meant that it would cycle through all the SQL files and execute. I also tried the same by jsut asking it to execute the customer file (**/Customer.sql) and received the same error.

I was hoping someone could review my config and identify where my understanding is falling short?

Many thanks in advance.

  • You can have SSDT generate a SQL script and then run it, if you want to run a SQL script. The approach you're trying to implement will not work. You can't just run through a list of SQL scripts in alphabetical order and expect that the schema will be updated correctly; schema changes frequently have requirements on the order in which they're run. – Daniel Mann May 31 '18 at 12:44
  • Can you share the detail log here or on the OneDrive? (Add system.debug variable and set it to true, then start release) Can you reproduce this issue with a new project? If so, you can share the sample project on the OneDrive. – starian chen-MSFT Jun 1 '18 at 3:25
  • @DanielMann The OP's right. I use the DacPac option ok, then try to run some post deployment scripts that are named numerically with the wildcard, and I get the same issue. The docs are misleading: Wildcards can be used. For example, **/*.sql for sql file present in all sub folders – reckface Aug 27 '18 at 10:34

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