I have a 'search' function for my HTML table which is populated from a database. I have the following code which is activated through a button and a text box with the ID entered.

I am trying to get the next/second TD in that rows text/value. I can successfully get the first TD but not the second. Any ideas?

function search() {
  var valueToFind = $('#EnterSiteNo').val();

  $('#SiteTable > tbody> tr').each(function(index) {
    var firstTd = $(this).find('td:first');
    var secondTd = $(this).find('td:second');

    if ($(firstTd).text() == valueToFind) {
      var name = secondTd.text();
      alert("found. " + name);

you should try td:nth-child() instead of :second

So here you should change your code to

var secondTd = $(this).find('td:nth-child(2)');

Please try using td:nth-child(2) as the selector.

jQuery Select first and second td

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