This may be simple, but I've looked over documentation and can't find anything about it. I want to have my 'github' link redirect to say, github.com. However, its just appending 'https://github.com' to my url instead of following the link. Here is a snippet:

 <BreadcrumbItem to='https://github.com'>
    <Icon type="social-github"></Icon>

(This is using iView for custom CSS, but 'to' works in the same way as router-link).

What ends up happening is this: enter image description here

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    For external links, just use <a href="..."> to point directly to whatever you're linking to. vue-router is only needed for internal links. – Daniel Beck May 31 '18 at 21:26
  • That doesn't really work, considering I can't use the <a> tag here, and its being abandoned for 'to' – nateph May 31 '18 at 21:29
  • For now, at least, that's how it works. The <a> tag is not being "abandoned"; to is a vue construct that gives the router a chance to rewrite the url to point back to the SPA. One way would be to build that logic into your BreadcrumbItem component, to use <a href="..."> if the attribute has a http(s) protocol or <router-link> otherwise. – Daniel Beck May 31 '18 at 21:36
  • Thank you, someone in that thread had a good workaround as well. – nateph May 31 '18 at 21:43
  • Now that I look: Possible duplicate of Vue2 navigate to external url with location.href (One answer there includes another technique I hadn't known about -- "navigation guards" -- that may suit here if you only have a small number of external links to deal with) – Daniel Beck May 31 '18 at 21:48
<a :href="'//' + websiteUrl" target="_blank">
  {{ url }}

I read Daniel's Link and found a workaround:

     path: '/github',
     beforeEnter() {location.href = 'http://github.com'}

You can either:

  • use a normal link <a href=...
  • use a @click handler and change window.location = http:// there.
  • I think you cannot use window.location inside a click event handler. I should be window.location.href = "http://...." – pinki Nov 11 '18 at 9:05

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