Is there a way that the following process: https://www.tensorflow.org/performance/quantization

And the call: tf.contrib.quantize.create_eval_graph()

Could be tuned in such way like the following call does?


I would like to have the weights being scaled to 8bits with symmetric ranges, with exact 0 and max/min being power 2 like it's with the SCALED mode. For example I would prefer -31 to 31 instead of -10 to 30. Even when -10 to 30 would give better resolution at 8bits, but accurate 0, symmetricity and range as power of 2 is more important for DSP devices.

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TOCO(tf.lite.TocoConverter) so far does not have the option to control quantization type since you actually want symmetric quantization instead of asymmetric approach. However, real value of 0.0 is guaranteed to be accurate during quantization. This means 0.0 is mapped to an uint8 q without any rounding error.

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