It's possible to combine tensorflow with keras sequential models like this: (source)

from keras.models import Sequential, Model

model = Sequential()
model.add(Dense(32, activation='relu', input_dim=784))
model.add(Dense(10, activation='softmax'))

# this works! 
x = tf.placeholder(tf.float32, shape=(None, 784))
y = model(x)

However, I want to use the functional API like this:

x = tf.placeholder(tf.float32, shape=(None, 784))
y = Dense(10)(x)
model = Model(inputs=x, outputs=y)

but when I try to do this, I get these errors:

TypeError: Input tensors to a Model must be Keras tensors. Found: Tensor("Placeholder_2:0", shape=(?, 784), dtype=float32) (missing Keras metadata).


What you are looking for is the tensor argument of Input layer for the functional API.

tensor: Optional existing tensor to wrap into the Input layer. If set, the layer will not create a placeholder tensor.

  • Thank you for your help. Do you have an example that I could see? I tried this, but it didn't work. Sorry about the formatting. x = tf.placeholder(tf.float32, shape=(None, 784)) z = Input(tensor=x) pred = Dense(10)(x) model = Model(inputs=z, outputs=pred) model.compile(loss='mse',optimizer='sgd') a = model.predict(b_x) ValueError: ('Error when checking model : expected no data, but got:', array([[-0.21433205, – lab_rat Jun 4 '18 at 17:49

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