Trying to run build on CircleCi and it's failing on test. Same stuff is working perfect on my local. My .babelrc config:

  "presets": [
  "plugins": [
    ["babel-plugin-transform-builtin-extend", {
      "globals": ["Error", "Array"]
    ["transform-runtime", {
      "polyfill": false,
      "regenerator": true

Error I'm getting from circleCI:

yarn test v0.27.5
$ jest 
 FAIL  src/utils/service-helper.test.js
  ● Test suite failed to run

    ReferenceError: [BABEL] /home/circleci/repo/src/utils/service-helper.test.js: Unknown option: /home/circleci/repo/node_modules/react/index.js.Children. Check out http://babeljs.io/docs/usage/options/ for more information about options.

    A common cause of this error is the presence of a configuration options object without the corresponding preset name. Example:

      `{ presets: [{option: value}] }`
      `{ presets: [['presetName', {option: value}]] }`

Any idea what is going on as the same configuration is working on another project


The error is unhelpful, but the issue is that your config has react in the preset list, but it can't find the babel-preset-react module in your node_modules, so instead it is loading the react module itself as if it were a preset. But since the "react" module isn't a preset, Babel throws.

Most likely, you've forgotten to list babel-preset-react in your package.json.

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