I created three apps in Heroku and added them to a pipeline, but their URLs return a 404.

The apps are named like "app-name-dev", "app-name-stage", and "app-name". On the settings tab of each app, Heroku has given them auto-generated URLs, like "https://app-name-dev.herokuapp.com/", etc. But only the production URL works (the one not ending in -dev or -stage). The other 2 return 404 with the title "no such app".

Anyone know how to get Heroku pipeline apps to load in the browser? My code runs fine -- no errors -- because the production site loads fine. It's just -dev and -stage that won't load. Again, they're at default URLs assigned by Heroku -- no custom domains.


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Duh, all I had to do was wait a few hours for some DNS entries to be updated somewhere. All 3 apps are loading now.

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