I'm working on Microchip SAMA5D27SOM Evaluation kit platform. I'm trying to interface TVP5150AM1 Video decoder to image sensor controller(Atmel-ISC) interface of the processor. I have configured the kernel for V4L2 framework and also device drivers for TVP5150.

When the system is booting, i have got the video decoder probed by the driver and found ok. However driver of Image sensor interface of the processor has resulted in the following error.

tvp5150 1-005d: tvp5150 (4.0) chip found @ 0xba (AT91)

tvp5150 1-005d: tvp5150am1 detected.

random: fast init done

random: crng init done

atmel_isc f0008000.isc: Init format failed: -6

I could not figure out what exactly is the problem. Could any one suggest any information to resolve this issue.

Complete log file of the kernel boot is attached here

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