I have a table of follower and followee which holds two user_id values.

user_ids are mapped to a username and I need to get the matching user_ids from the supplied username.

To get the user_ids I have the query

SELECT user_id FROM user WHERE username IN (username1, username2)

What I want to do is insert these values into the follower table, and I think I start with

INSERT INTO followers (follower, followee) ( SELECT user_id FROM user WHERE username IN (username1, username2)

However, this queries results in two problems 1) how do I insure the correct result is the follower and followee 2) how do I take the result of the SELECT statement and put it into a format which mysql will accept as the values for the insert?

  • Can you also provide some sample data/expected out then I will try.
    – user8406805
    Jun 4, 2018 at 5:24

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I'm not sure how your tables structures are but if username1 is the name of the follower and username2 is the of the followee, this query should help you :

INSERT INTO followers (follower, followee) 
SELECT follower.user_id, followee.user_id
FROM user AS follower 
INNER JOIN user AS followee ON (follower.user_id <> followee.user_id)
WHERE follower.username = username1
AND followee.username = username2
  • Thanks @David I think I was just significantly over complicating things.
    – pedalpete
    Jun 4, 2018 at 6:04

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