I need to know how to run an Android emulator automatically from Eclipse.

Any ideas?


Once you have installed ADT, you need to define an ADT launch configuration, in order for your project to execute itself as an Android executable.

Hello World Android

Then, do not forget to To go in Eclipse->Preferences->Run/Debug->Launching.
In the “Launch Operation” subsection, select “Always launch the previously launched application”:

Eclipse launching options

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There are two ways for that..

  • Launch AVD from Menu bar

    Steps :

    1. Click on Android Virtual Device Manager


    2. Select the device you have created and click Start


    3. Click Launch and wait to AVD be launched..


    4. Your AVD is running..


  • Launch AVD from Run Configuration

    Steps :

    1. Right click on Run icon at menu bar and select Run Configuration


    2. Select Target tab > Select third radio option says (Automatically pick compatible device : ...) > Tick your desire AVD you want to launch > click Apply > click Run


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