How can I import a.js and b.js and export as combined bundle.js in UMD format using rollupjs?

Here is the example:

export default class A {

export default class B {

My current rollup.config.js is:

export default [
    input: ["path/a.js", "path/b.js"],
    output: {
      file: "path/bundle.js",
      format: "umd",
      name: "Bundle"
    plugins: [
      // list of plugins

However, this is not working as intended.

Anything wrong with this config?

Thanks for your help.


You need a file to tie them together. So along with a.js and b.js, have a main.js that looks like this:

import A from './a';
import B from './b';

export default {

Then update your rollup.config.js with input: path/main.js.

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