I have 2 objects with a FK relationship between them. All of this logic worked fine when i was using .net core 2, but broke when i upgraded to 2.1

public class Parent
     public Guid ParentGUID {get;set;}
     public string SomeValue {get;set;}
     public ReferenceType ReferenceTypeObject {get;set;}
public class ReferenceType
     public Guid ReferenceTypeGUID{get;set;}
     public string SomeOtherValue {get;set;}
     public virtual ICollection<Parent> ParentGU { get; set; }

and then in my dbcontext i have

 modelBuilder.Entity<ReferenceType>(entity =>
            entity.HasKey(e => e.ReferenceTypeGUID);

                entity.HasMany(c => c.ParentGU)
                    .WithOne(e => e.ReferenceTypeObject)
                    .HasForeignKey(f => f.ParentGUID)

Now in my original code, i didn't have the HasForeignKey line, and i got the following error:

cannot target the primary key because it is not compatible

adding that line fixed that issue, but now i'm getting

Operand type clash: int is incompatible with uniqueidentifier

for some reason, EF is assuming that the database type should be int instead of uniqueidentifier, even though the object is declared as a GUID. how do i fix this issue?

  • Can you please fix the sample (it's not compiling). Also apparently PK ParentGUID cannot be used as FK for many-to-one relationship, so keep the original code and the original problem with upgrading. – Ivan Stoev Jun 4 '18 at 16:51
  • I assume by net core 2.1 you mean Entity Framework Core 2.1. Cannot reproduce with the provided code (even if I remove the apparently wrong .HasForeignKey line). Try reproducing it in a clean project and let us know, or check the code not shown here for something else that is causing it. – Ivan Stoev Jun 4 '18 at 17:09
  • See github.com/vishnu4/EFCore21Test . just run an add-migration, and you'll see the error : The relationship from 'Parent.ReferenceTypeObject' to 'ReferenceType.ParentGU' with foreign key properties {'ReferenceTypeGUID' : Nullable<int>} cannot target the primary key {'ReferenceTypeGUID' : Guid} because it is not compatible. Configure a principal key or a set of compatible foreign key properties for this relationship. – Phil Jun 4 '18 at 18:04
  • Thanks, reproduced! – Ivan Stoev Jun 4 '18 at 19:06
  • You don't have a property in Parent that contains the foreign key reference. Your parent class should have a property public Guid ReferenceTypeGUID { get; set; }. I think you'll find the [ForeignKey] attribute expects to find the declared property name in the same class. – Brad Jun 4 '18 at 23:22

Looks like EF Core 2.1 has introduced a bug when you define a shadow FK property via ForeignKey annotation (frankly I didn't know this is supported at all). It incorrectly assumes int or int? type for that shadow property rather than considering the referenced PK property type.

You might fill an issue in their issue tracker if you wish. But I won't recommend using ForeignKey attribute for that purpose (or data annotations for relationships at all).

You can fix it by adding the following to the Parent entity fluent configuration:


but this makes sense if you want to configure let say a different database column name for the shadow property.

A better (IMO) way is to remove the ForeignKey attribute and simply use the HasForeignKey overload with string foreignKeyPropertyNames parameter:

entity.HasMany(c => c.ParentGU)
    .WithOne(e => e.ReferenceTypeObject)
    .HasForeignKey("ReferenceTypeGUID") // <--
  • that did it for me, thank you. Yeah, for some reason adding the ForeignKey attribute in the business object feels cleaner to me. i like to add as much to the business object as i can and keep my OnModelCreating lean if possible, but thank you for helping me get it to work! – Phil Jun 4 '18 at 20:57

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