The docs and code comments for Kafka suggest that when the producer setting acks is set to all then an ack will only be sent to the producer when all in-sync replicas have caught up, but the code (Partition.Scala, checkEnoughReplicasReachOffset) seems to suggest that the ack is sent as soon as min in-sync replicas have caught up.


The kafka docs have this:

acks=all This means the leader will wait for the full set of in-sync replicas to acknowledge the record. source

Also, looking at the Kafka source code - partition.scala checkEnoughReplicasReachOffset() has the following comment (emphasis mine):

Note that this method will only be called if requiredAcks = -1 and we are waiting for all replicas in ISR to be fully caught up to the (local) leader's offset corresponding to this produce request before we acknowledge the produce request.

Finally, this answer on Stack Overflow (emphasis mine again)

Also the min in-sync replica setting specifies the minimum number of replicas that need to be in-sync for the partition to remain available for writes. When a producer specifies ack (-1 / all config) it will still wait for acks from all in sync replicas at that moment (independent of the setting for min in-sync replicas).

But when I look at the code in Partition.Scala (note minIsr < curInSyncReplicas.size):

def checkEnoughReplicasReachOffset(requiredOffset: Long): (Boolean, Errors) = {
  val minIsr = leaderReplica.log.get.config.minInSyncReplicas
  if (leaderReplica.highWatermark.messageOffset >= requiredOffset) {          
    if (minIsr <= curInSyncReplicas.size)
      (true, Errors.NONE)

The code that calls this returns the ack:

if (error != Errors.NONE || hasEnough) {
  status.acksPending = false
  status.responseStatus.error = error

So, the code looks like it returns an ack as soon as the in-sync replica set are greater than min in-sync replicas. However, the documentation and comments suggest that the ack is only sent once all in-sync replicas have caught up. What am I missing? At the very least, the comment above checkEnoughReplicasReachOffset looks like it should be changed.

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Thanks to Ismael on the jira-dev mailing list.

The key point is the line:

if(leaderReplica.highWatermark.messageOffset >= requiredOffset) {

The high watermark only moves when all the replicas in ISR have that particular offset.

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    – Paul7979
    Commented Apr 25, 2023 at 20:27

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