I'm creating a project with HTML , CSS , JAVASCRIPT, PHP , MYSQL

And now I'm using VScode to after using Aptana Studio for 3 years.

So how can I make VScode detect what language I type and automatically change mode to it ?


I use php scripts inside html code, but the extension of the file is .php how can I make vscode when I'm coding inside <?php ?> area automatically detect that and change language mode to php, and when I'm coding outside <?php ?> area automatically detect that and change language mode to html, and for example when I type a tag like <style></style> and begin to type inside it, automatically detect that and change language mode to css.

Is there any extension for this or any solution ?

btw, this feature was in aptana studio


It seems that what you are requesting does not exist as per the documentation:

In VS Code, we default the language support for a file based on its filename extension. However, at times you may wish to change language modes, to do this click on the language indicator - which is located on the right hand of the Status Bar. This will bring up the Select Language Mode drop-down where you can select another language for the current file.

Based on that, you can understand that VS Code's language detection is file extension based. However you can associate languages with file extensions. As per the documentation:

For example, the setting below adds the .myphp file extension to the php language identifier:

"files.associations": {
    "*.myphp": "php"

Like that, you can associate your common languages to your common file extensions.


VS Code can auto detect language extension by modifying the files.associations property.

Hit control + P and search for settings.json. Open that file and change the following line:

"*.php": "properties" to "*.php": "php"

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