I am building a custom authenticator in Keycloak which logs a user in not only into keycloaks SSO-Instance, but also in a legacy (SAP-) System via a rest-Call.

Now I get error messages from this legacy API and I want to display the messages (which are internationalized by callee-param) to the enduser when logging in via my custom authenticator, but I don't get how to do this, yet.

I think it has something to do with e.g. the following lines from the spnego authenticator on github:

else {

when changing the .error()-value to "test!" this gets logged, but the error shown to the user is also the invalid credentials-line. So, AuthenticationFlowError seems to be an ENUM, which won't work with dynamic internationalized messages from thirdparty I think. But is there a way to tell my authenticationcontext to return the errormessage from my thirdparty-system?

Any help is highly appreciated


So, looking at the keycloak-sources (opensource ftw!) I just found out how to do this:

Instead of the lines above, one might do it like this:

 else {
   //errorresponse from restcall to thirdparty-api (just removing prefix here)
   responseString = responseString.replace("sap_error_", "");

   //actually I try to do a somewhat silent idplogin, so this might fit. 
   //you can change this error to the errormsg from thirdparty, too,
   // so its collected in the logs error=-part.

   //here we're building the actual responseHandler.
   //One might even want to set the status to status from thirdparty. 
   Response challengeResponse = context.form().setError(responseString)

   //And in the end we apply the failureChallenge to the Context  

I commented the code to make clear what is done.

edit: As this question just got an upvote: Please take care! The .setError()-content has to be <255 characters, else you get an exception (DB-Field too short iirc, tested up to keycloak 7).

Best regards, Dominik

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