How do I get images from iTunes.rsrc using DeRez? I just want png or standard image files. Thanks.

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This worked:

DeRez -only 'PNG ' /Applications/iTunes.app/Contents/Resources/Images.rsrc -useDF > iTunes.png

Then run this script in Python 2.x (I tried using the bits between the /* ... */ to avoid decoding, but it didn't work).

for l in file('iTunes.png'):
    if not l[0] == '\t':
        if l.startswith('data '):
            res_id = l[l.rindex('(') + 1:l.rindex(')')]
            out = file(res_id + '.png', 'wb')
    out.write(l[l.index('"') + 1:l.index('" ')].replace(' ', '').decode('hex'))

You should get one PNG file per resource ID.

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