Trying to loop through a JS dictionary in my markup using *ngFor against Object.entries and getting an error message:

Parser Error: Unexpected token [, expected identifier, keyword, or string at column 5 in [let [key, item] of Object.entries(items)]


<button *ngFor="let [key, item] of Object.entries(items)" 
        (click)="itemClicked.emit([key, item.value])">
  {{ item.displayName }}


export interface DropDownItem {
  displayName: string,
  value: any,
  checked: boolean

@Component({ /* ... */ })
export class MyComponent {
  @Input() items: { [key: string]: DropdownItem };

  @Output() itemClicked = new EventEmitter<[string, any]>();

  Object = Object;

  constructor() { }
  • Angular template parser doesn't it
    – yurzui
    Commented Jun 5, 2018 at 11:34

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Ended up with this in my markup; ts unchanged.

<button *ngFor="let key of Object.keys(items)"
        (click)="itemClicked.emit([key, items[key].value])">
  {{ items[key].displayName }}

Still wish I could destructure the Object.entries() in my markup, but looks like destructing is not currently an option for *ngFor.

I found this feature request from a few years ago asking for destructuring in *ngFor syntax, and they said they would pass on this feature.... but I'm really hoping they consider re-opening it.


An alternative solution is to use Angular's KeyValuePipe:

<button *ngFor="let entry of items | keyvalue" 
        (click)="itemClicked.emit([entry.key, entry.value.value])">
  {{ entry.value.displayName }}

This is a bit closer your original, although the entry still isn't destructured.

  • Unfortunately, your field naming in DropDownItem makes the double value access a bit ugly, but that's down to naming choices, not really inherent to the problem itself.
    – River
    Commented Apr 23, 2020 at 0:13

Technically you don't need to destructure at all to use the key and value pair (though this isn't great style-wise):

<button *ngFor="let entry of Object.entries(items)" 
        (click)="itemClicked.emit([entry[0], entry[1].value])">
  {{ item.displayName }}

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