I know how to build nested progress bar using tqdm.

from tqdm import trange 
from time import sleep
for i in trange(10, desc='1st loop'):
    for j in trange(5, desc='2nd loop', leave=False):
        for k in trange(100, desc='3nd loop'): sleep(0.01)

I also now how to add postfixes and description to a bar

from tqdm import trange 
from random import random, randint 
from time import sleep 
with trange(100) as t: 
    for i in t: 
         t.set_description('GEN %i' % i) 
         t.set_postfix(loss=random(),  gen=randint(1,999), str='h', lst=[1, 2])   


How can I add description and postfixes to nested progress bars in tqdm? I would like to add independent postfixes to each nested bar.


Nesting works fine:

from tqdm import trange
from time import sleep

n_epochs, n_steps = 5, 100
with trange(1, n_epochs + 1, desc="All epochs") as epochs:
    for epoch in epochs:
        with trange(1, n_steps + 1, desc="Epoch {}/{}".format(epoch, n_epochs)) as steps:
            for step in steps:
                epochs.set_postfix(foo=epoch * n_steps + step)
                steps.set_postfix(bar="hello {}".format(step), baz=1 / step)

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