I have a route in my rails application:

get 'welcome/usertypeone' => 'welcome#usertypeone'

This doesnot look good in the browser as the URL comes out like:


Any way I could change the way the url looks to something like:


without needing to change the route itself as i would need to change it in loads of places. Just seeing if there is a better solution to this.


If you're explicitly defining the route (as you are, as opposed to using resource etc) you can configure the route as you'd like.

get 'welcome/teacher' => 'welcome#usertypeone'

This will make www.mywebsite.com/welcome/teacher route to the same controller and action.

You will, however, need to update the route throughout your application from welcome_usertypeone_path to welcome_teacher_path. Your text editor probably has a search and replace function making this a 10 second step.

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    Re the last part, if it's a huge pain to replace all paths, you could add the as option, i.e. get 'welcome/teacher' => 'welcome#usertypeone', as: 'welcome_usertypeone'. More here. – SRack Jun 5 '18 at 16:11
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    @SRack brings up a great point. It depends on how particular you are on cruft and technical debt (like keeping old things around because of fear of updating), but as: is definitely viable here. – Daniel Westendorf Jun 5 '18 at 16:22

Maybe what you want looks like this:

get 'welcome/:user_type' => 'welcome#usertypeone'

This will take whatever is after the welcome/ and put it in params as params[:user_type], but it will still go to the WelcomesController and the usertypeone action.


You can go to your routes.rb file and try:

get 'welcome/teacher' => 'welcome#usertypeone'

Then you should get the url you require: www.mywebsite/welcome/teacher

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