I have following type of documents:

  "_id": "0710b1dd6cc2cdc9c2ffa099c8000f7b",
  "_rev": "1-93687d40f54ff6ca72e66ca7fc99caff",
  "date": "2018-06-04T07:46:08.848Z",
  "topic": "some topic",

The collection is not very large. Only 20k documents.

However, the following query is very slow. Takes ca 5 secs!

  selector: {
    topic: 'some topic'
  sort: ['date'],

I tried various indexes, e.g.

index: {
  fields: ['topic', 'date']

but nothing really worked well.

What I am missing here?


When sorting in a Mango query, you need to ensure that the sort order you are asking for matches the index that you are using.

If you are indexing the data set in topic,date order then you can use the following query on "topic" to get the data out in data order using the index:

   "selector": {
      "topic": "some topic"
   "sort": [

Because the sort matches the form of the data in the index, the index is used to answer the query which should speed up your query time considerably.

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