I want to set formly form fields disabled value based on model properties and boolean variable. This doesn't seem to work

expressionProperties: {
    'templateOptions.disabled': 'model.advancePayments && !model.deposit' || vm.acquisitionCancelledFlag

It works but the || vm.acquisitionCancelledFlag doesn't make any difference

vm.acquisitionCancelledFlag is true but the field isn't disabled

I have also tried

'templateOptions.disabled': '(model.advancePayments && !model.deposit) || vm.acquisitionCancelledFlag'

Spent some time on this but figured out I can do this instead so I'm sharing it with people who might need it. Not the most elegant but works

expressionProperties: {
    'templateOptions.disabled': function(viewValue, modelValue, scope) {
        if((scope.model.advancePayments && !scope.model.deposit) || vm.acquisitionCancelledFlag) {
            return true;
        } else {
            return false;

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