I am using macOS Mojave Beta (10.14 18A293u) and Xcode 10.0 Beta (10L176w). I created a Swift Playground and I am unable to import CreateMLUI framework in order to use it. I keep getting an import error.

Playground Screenshot

I have tried creating both an iOS Playground and a macOS Playground

Anyone knows what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.


While macOS Mojave and Xcode 10 are in beta you may experience bugs while trying to use CreateML.

@Koen from one of the comments in my question found a topic in Apple Developer Forums with some workarounds. What I did was:

  1. Create a new single view Mac OS (NOT iOS) playground
  2. Use a completely different name if already created a buggy playground (this is important)
  3. Add the import CreateMLUI line
  4. Remove all the other boilerplate code

I found the answer to this problem in the apple developers forum (Can't find the exact link to the post). You simply have to select the macOS tab when creating a playground.

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