I am new to Bokeh and am currently trying to change the x axis of a histogram from decimal based to percentage based. I have been trying to use PrintfTickFormatter but I am apparently missing something. When I try both of the below line of code I receive no output. I tried tweaking the format declaration and I did achieve a percentage, but it was translating the decimals as < 1% or rounding to 1%. Any thoughts on how to fix? I have seen a few different posts on SO, but none seem to directly apply

fig.xaxis.formatter = PrintfTickFormatter(format='0 %')
  • You cant try the following instruction : fig.xaxis.formatter = PrintfTickFormatter(format='%0.0f %%') Feb 22, 2019 at 18:42

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I was able to solve the issue via the below:

from bokeh.models import NumeralTickFormatter

fig.xaxis.formatter = NumeralTickFormatter(format='0 %')

As of bokeh 2.3.2, current method is:

from bokeh.models.formatters import NumeralTickFormatter

fig.xaxis.formatter = NumeralTickFormatter(format='0 %')

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