I am trying to write a shell script that uses wget to download files in bulk from urls that follow a certain numeric pattern.

Understandably, the url from the user input must contain the variable $i.

dl.sh http://some/url/$i/some/url 1 9

This yields repeated result from the final loop because $i will be expanded before passing down into the loop.


Is there a workaround to get this shell script working?

Source Code:

# dl.sh url | index_from | index_to

for i in $(seq $2 $3)
  echo ${1} # replace with wget for actual download. 

Expected Result:


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  • You are using the script wrong. Define your script as below #!/bin/bash for i in $(seq $2 $3) do echo http://some/url/$i done and run the script as bash dl.sh 1 9 – Inian Jun 7 at 8:22
  • 1
    That is really a bad practice, when you pass http://some/url/$i, the $i will be expanded by the shell before passed as the argument, which will be empty. – Inian Jun 7 at 8:57
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    In that case I would recommend passing base URL as the first arg, and build up the the other parameters inside – Inian Jun 7 at 9:07
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    If the value between the URL is dynamic, there is no other way than to split your URL as separate parts. In case of http://some/url/1/some/url, pass argument http://some/url/ as separate and /some/url as separate – Inian Jun 7 at 9:23
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    Just use a Placeholder in your URL and replace with sed like this: url=$(echo $1 | sed "s/\_IDX\_/$i/g") and use your script like this: ./dl.sh http://some/url/_IDX_/some/url 1 9 – Nidhoegger Jun 7 at 10:13

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