I create a dynamic component with a instance like this and the name of the component is dynamicComponent1 :

createComponent() {
    const componentType = this.getComponentType(this.type);
    const factory = this.componentFactoryResolver.resolveComponentFactory(componentType);
    this.componentRef = this.container.createComponent(factory);
    const instance = <Data>this.componentRef.instance;
    instance.data = this.data

And the class like this:

export class Data{ data: any }

and let's assume this data have an ID. So i try in the next Component that extends the class Data and is an instance from the DynamicComponent1. And this component create too Dynamic Components .And there i try to change the instance ID from this.data. Then its changed not the instance.data.id rather the complete data is changed.

Code from DynamicComponent2:

@ViewChildren() multiple is a QueryList of ViewContainerRef

So we assume that data has a length of 2 and data.id is {list,test} and multiple length is too 2

for (let i = 0; i < this.multiple.toArray().length; i++) {
    const target = this.multiple.toArray()[i];
    for (let j = 0; j < this.data.length; j++) {
        const componentType = this.getComponentType(randomName + '_' + randomName);
        if (componentType) {
            const factory = this.componentFactoryResolver.resolveComponentFactory(componentType);
            const cmpRef = target.createComponent(factory);
            const instance = cmpRef.instance as Data;
            this.logger.log('info', cmpRef.instance); // the first data.id is list0011 the second data.id is test0011
            instance.data.id = data.id + i;
            this.logger.log('info', cmpRef.instance); // data.id is list0011
            this.logger.log('info', instance.data.id); // is list0 change after the loop to list0011 and test0011
            this.logger.log('info', data.id); // is list0011


So my Question is, how I can change this instance.data.id without change the complete data.id? And why the cmpRef.instance already know the instance.data.id before i init them? I dont know why, it behavior so creepy. I really hope you can help me, im really done with that. Sry for this code, I cant send the orginal so I must rewrite it.

If you need more, I will try my best to explain it better.

What I am try?

  1. Handle over Service
  2. create a const that have the data.id
  3. try to change the data.id after instance.data.id

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