TL;DR: How to send a line to a bash-launched program (and possibly run it in the background)?

Hello there! I've tried quite a lot of solutions from around there but i haven't been able to combine them all into a working solution.

I want to make a bash script that runs N Erlang nodes, something like:

for i in {1..N}:
    erl -name server$i@ -setcookie secret

And i want them to 'connect' them by pinging another node. To do this we can do:

erl -name some_server@ -setcookie secret
(inside erlang)> net_adm:ping('another_server@').

However i can't combine these two, even when trying it on a single node.

I've tried:

echo "net_adm:ping('another_server@')." > erlang_command
cat erlang_command - | erl -name some_server@ -setcookie secret

(i've had partial success with this one, i can run it manually but i couldn't make it to work to run in the background or in another terminal)


xterm -e "echo \"net_adm:ping('another_server@').\"; cat erlang_command - | erl -name some_server@ -setcookie secret"

Or other tricks like:

echo "net_adm:ping('another_server@')." | erl -name some_server@ -setcookie secret


echo "net_adm:ping('another_server@')." > /dev/stdin
erl -name some_server@ -setcookie secret


Some uses of nohup and & (can't remember these exactly, but got a similar experience)
nohup erl -name some_server@ -setcookie secret &

However these either don't work or correctly executes the ping and finishes my erlang node, which i would like to keep running. What am i missing? Thanks!

Piping input into an erl shell isn't a good way of executing short pieces of code. Either use something like erl -noshell -name ... -setcookie ... -eval 'rpc:call(another_server@, MODULE, FUNCTION, [ARGS]).' (replace MODULE, FUNCTION and ARGS with whatever you want to do), or write an escript if you want to do something a bit longer than just a oneliner; see for details.

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