I am testing(on localhost on Windows 7 64 Bit) the behaviour of my web application when cookies are blocked.

When testing on IE11, it seems you cannot block cookies, even when the IE11 settings show that I have blocked cookies.(I have also tried uninstalling & re-installing IE11, just in case something was broken, but cannot block cookies.)

I have researched and been to the following places but no answers;

  1. Cookies disable doesn't work in Internet Explorer 11 using advance setting
  2. Cookie disabled issue in IE
  3. document.cookie is still accessible on IE11, even though cookies are disabled
  4. https://superuser.com/questions/1000545/internet-explorer-11-cant-disable-localhost-cookies

Or may be I should just forget about Internet Explorer ? (Thanking the coding community in advance)


I think you are facing the same issue with me. i searched a lot too. What i figure out is that Cookies setting only impact on websites which contains real domain (ie: examples.com, abc.net,...)

  1. you can change the localhost domain by editing a host file in (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc)

  2. Include one line at the end of that text file like below: testweb.net

Now, whenever you type testweb.net, it will return the page as same as the localhost does.

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