I am facing file not found exception when i am trying to move the file with * in DBFS. Here both source and destination directories are in DBFS. I have the source file named "test_sample.csv" available in dbfs directory and i am using the command like below from notebook cell,

dbutils.fs.mv("dbfs:/usr/krishna/sample/test*.csv", "dbfs:/user/abc/Test/Test.csv")


java.io.FileNotFoundException: dbfs:/usr/krishna/sample/test*.csv

I appreciate any help. Thanks.


Wildcards are currently not supported with dbutils. You can move the whole directory:

dbutils.fs.mv("dbfs:/tmp/test", "dbfs:/tmp/test2", recurse=True)

or just a single file:

dbutils.fs.mv("dbfs:/tmp/test/test.csv", "dbfs:/tmp/test2/test2.csv")

As mentioned in the comments below, you can use python to implement this wildcard-logic. See also some code examples in my following answer.

  • I must use wild card in my case since there are so many files which are not needed in the same directory. I need to move only csv file in that directory. Meanwhile i have found some workaround in my pyspark code. fileList = dbutils.fs.ls(dir) for files in fileList: if files.name.endswith("csv"): filename= files.path filename dbutils.fa.mv(filename,'<dbfs_path>'). – Krishna Reddy Jun 10 '18 at 17:43
  • Use a for loop; listdir and move all of them at a time. Are wildcards still not allowed? – Itachi Apr 15 at 5:43

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