ImageMagick does not render Right-to-Left text correctly (it does not join it and its reversed). I need a solution for this...


ImageMagick uses freetype as it's text-rendering engine, which does not support complex text layout languages. If you need text to image generation for those language, you would need alternative solution.

On Linux/UNIX, Pango has a command line tool called "pango-view", which would output text as PNG. You can then manipulate the PNG with ImageMagick.

On Windows, you can get "pango-view" in cygwin (I believe the dev package for pango in cygwin). If cygwin is unacceptable, you would need to write a program using WCF or GDI+.

  • right, I've searched around a bit and found that there is no support for RTL. bump........ – yolo Feb 26 '11 at 14:38

Recent versions of ImageMagick supports command line argument -direction which determines rendering direction of the text from Right to Left (-direction right-to-left) or Left to Right (-direction left-to-right) manner.

See also this SO answer for an example.

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