I had migrated one user from source wso2 (4.6.0) to target wso2(5.5.0) using insert query in below tables only. 1. UM_USER (The Table contains users username, password etc.) 2. UM_USER_ATRIBUTES (The Table contains user attributes like sn, giveName etc.) We have using wso2 manage user credential only(user add/delete) that's why we had directly inserted user details in above tables instead of follows the complete migration step. we have successfully creating token for migrated user base on password grant_type but unable to login in wso2 admin console using the same credential.


In order to create access tokens, the user doesn't need to have login permission. But in order to log in to management console & dashboard, the particular user should have login permission. Please assign login permission to the user and then login to management console.

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