Are you aware of any online service accessible via REST API that can schedule calls to APIs specifically HTTP POST of Content-Type:application/json and application/xml?

  • Postman wasn't mentioned but the Postman Monitors are a good solution. You're limited in the number of monthly calls for the fee account though.postman.com/api-monitor Feb 12 at 18:47

Yes, my service https://posthook.io lets you schedule requests back to your API through a simple REST API.


Using AWS, I've done the following:

  • Create Lambda function to POST to the REST API
  • Create CloudWatch Events rule to trigger the Lambda function on a schedule

Here's some info on "Creating a CloudWatch Events Rule That Triggers on a Schedule"


A free service that uses Google Cloud Tasks API for its implementation: https://delayedrequest.com


https://postbacks.io is a simple, easy to use service for this. You get 10,000 free requests when you sign up. To request a callback you simply call:

POST https://api.postbacks.io/v1/requestPostback

with a request body:

    "url": "<your endpoint here>",
    "send_at": 1579787814,
    "body_string": "<any request body to pass along to your endpoint>"

Postbacks only processes callbacks every minute, but it's extremely reliable.

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