I want to create a <map></map> property via Spring XML configuration. This Map should hold a key of type String and a Value of type Predicate. I could now create some specified classes implementing Predicate but I want to avoid this boilerplate.

I would like to pass a lambda value via Spring Expression Language. I read about FunctionalReferences Spring but it I can not get my head around it just yet.

Actual implementation:

         <entry key="FormElement#viewtype" value="#{<!-- what to do here -->}"></entry>

Understanding the linked documentation I tried something like this:

      <map> <!-- Map<String, Predicate<Object>> -->
         <entry key="FormElement#viewtype" value="{|object|$object == 'fooView'}"></entry>

Error: <expression> expected, got '|'

I understand that the expression language expects an expression but I really would like to pass a lambda as value here.


That Javadoc is incorrect; Lambdas didn't make the final cut in SpEL commit here.

  • Ah noooo my whole idea is now destroyed :( Have you some recommendations to solve my problem otherwise but still elegant? – xetra11 Jun 11 '18 at 13:35

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