In my jmh class, I'm using

@Measurement(iterations = 10)
@Threads(value = 10)

at the class level.

And in the results, for the cnt column, I see 132, for one method and 155 for another. I was assuming cnt might mean number of executions but those numbers don't match what I'm expecting.

Shouldn't number of executions be 10 (threads) * 10 (iterations) = 100?

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Frankly, I do not know how cnt is calculated when benchmark mode is Mode.SampleTime, but I want to clarify a couple of things.

First of all, benchmarking with JMH is concurrent in nature. The @Threads annotation specifies that ten threads should be allocated to run your benchmark (default is 4). If you do not specify @Threads, it will allocate only one thread for benchmarking.

Secondly, if you change your mode to Mode.Throughput and add @Fork(value = 5) annotation, you will see cnt column with value 50. Because your benchmark will be executed in 5 forks and each fork will have 10 iterations. Simply, cnt is forkNumber * measurementIterations for this case.

Finally, this calculation changes when mode is Mode.SampleTime or when you use @Param annotation (cnt = numOfParams * forkNumber * measurementIterations). For example, if you run different benchmark with same annotations (Mode.SampleTime), you'll see different numbers on cnt column.

I hope it helps!


Your premise:

10 (threads) * 10 (iterations) = 100 = number of executions

Is incorrect.

The benchmark method will be run repeatedly for 10 measurement iterations, each one a second long, from 10 threads. If the method takes exactly 1 second then the number of executions will match. The reported cnt is the number of execution samples collected. The sample mode does not time each and every execution of the method necessarily. There's a heuristic in place to make it back off if the time taken by the method is very low.

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