I have been trying to hook up my iOS app to my AWS Backend via Cognito. I am a bit confused because I choose certain attributes that are required for sign-ups such as Birthdate and Name. Although once I followed directions to use the AWSAuthUI here. The default UI appears as shown here:

shows SOME of the required fields

and then when one tries to sign up this error message comes up:

error message

which makes sense because the user did not input the other required fields as established by my User Pool, but how can I give the user the opportunity to submit their birthday if I'm using the AWSAuthUI

  • Available Fixes: 1. Add the required fields using the AWSAuthUI (which I can't find any information on) 2. Create my own UI (which I have done), but then I couldn't find a way to hook it up to Cognito. It seems like I need to do all my own authentication, if I go this route (correct me if I'm wrong) – Matt Bart Jun 11 '18 at 20:57
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    I'm not familiar with the AWSAuthUI but you could do this easily with the User Pools sdk. Check out the sample project if you havent already seen it. In your case youll want to append birthday and name to the User attributes like the amazon team did with their attributes in the sign up method. Im not sure what you mean by "do all my own authentication" – jake.lange Jun 11 '18 at 21:36

As per a comment, I'd like to answer my own question. It doesn't seem like there are any changes you can make to the AWSAuthUI other than small cosmetic changes. The best bet is to set up the UI yourself. The AWS team has set up a GitHub project that has an example of setting it up here. The relevant heading for Cognito User Pools is under, CognitoYourUserPools-Sample. They have options in both Swift and Objective-C.

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