I'm trying to create authorization and authentication from scratch using the new Identity scaffolding in the new .Net Core 2.1 but keep getting this error.

SqlException: Invalid object name 'AspNetUsers'.

RegisterModel fails to execute on this line:

var result = await _userManager.CreateAsync(user, Input.Password);


[assembly: HostingStartup(typeof(Authorize.Areas.Identity.IdentityHostingStartup))]
namespace Authorize.Areas.Identity
    public class IdentityHostingStartup : IHostingStartup
        public void Configure(IWebHostBuilder builder)
            builder.ConfigureServices((context, services) => {
                services.AddDbContext<AuthorizeContext>(options =>


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This error usual suggests that you do not have the AspNetUsers table in your database. Have you ran the migrations provided in the scaffold? This can be done through either a powershell or console terminal. Navigate to the web project and execute Update-Database if using powershell or dotnet ef database update for console. https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/ef/core/managing-schemas/migrations/

  • Error has been fixed. Thanks, anyways. And yes...I forgot to run the migration and update-database. See, in previous versions, you didn't need to do all that. Still getting used to this new version 2.1 Jun 12, 2018 at 7:05

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