I want to find an alternative of pandas.dataframe.sort_value function in dask.
I came through set_index, but it would sort on a single column.

How can I sort multiple columns of Dask data frame?


So far Dask does not seem to support sorting by multiple columns. However, making a new column that concatenates the values of the sorted columns may be a usable work-around.

d['new_column'] = d.apply(lambda r: str([r.col1,r.col2]), axis=1)
d = d.set_index('new_column')
d = d.map_partitions(lambda x: x.sort_index())

Edit: The above works if you want to sort by two strings. I recommend creating integer (or bytes) columns and then using struct.pack to create a new composite bytes column. For example, if col1_dt is a datetime and col2 is an integer:

import struct

# create a timedelta with seconds resolution. 
# i know this is the resolution is correct
d['col1_int'] = ((d['col1_dt'] -

d['new_column'] = d.apply(lambda r: struct.pack("ll",r.col1_int,r.col2))
d = d.set_index('new_column')
d = d.map_partitions(lambda x: x.sort_index())
  • why do you recommend creating integer or bytes column? Does that make the sorting faster? – Nigel Ng Jan 9 '19 at 12:57

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