I have a JSON file I have downloaded that I am trying to .flatMap into an array of structs I have created, but the .flatMap is not initializing the data into the struct.

A parsed version of the JSON file is below, which would represent one struct in the array:

[["eventUri": <null>, 
"wgt": 266482320, 
"source": {
    dataType = news;
    title = WAFB;
    uri = "wafb.com";
"uri": 885629090, 
"body": A bunch of text, 
"lang": eng, 
"dateTime": 2018-06-12T06:52:00Z, 
"date": 2018-06-12, 
"sim": 0, 
"isDuplicate": 1, 
"title": Now a candidate, Romney appears to embrace Trump presidency,
"time": 06:52:00, 
"url": http://www.wafb.com/story/38391905/now-a-candidate-romney-appears-to-embrace-trump-presidency, 
"dataType": news]]

This is the struct, with the shared instance of structs, as well as the flatMap method. All initializer subscripts are named according to the keys of the JSON:

struct Article {

    static var sharedInstance: [Article] = [Article]()

    // MARK: Properties

    var dataType = ""
    var date = ""
    var eventUri = ""
    var isDuplicate = false
    var sourceName = ""
    var lang = ""
    var sim = 0.0
    var time = ""
    var articleTitle = ""
    var image: UIImage? = nil

    // MARK: Initializer
    init?(dictionary: [String:AnyObject]) {

        // GUARD: Do all dictionaries have values?
            let dataType = dictionary[EventRegistry.ParameterValues.dataType] as? String,
            let date = dictionary[EventRegistry.ParameterValues.date] as? String,
            let eventUri = dictionary[EventRegistry.ParameterValues.eventUri] as? String,
            let isDuplicate = dictionary[EventRegistry.ParameterValues.isDuplicate] as? Bool,
            let source = dictionary[EventRegistry.ParameterKeys.source] as? [String:Any],
            let sourceName = source[EventRegistry.ParameterValues.sourceName] as? String,
            let lang = dictionary[EventRegistry.ParameterValues.lang] as? String,
            let sim = dictionary[EventRegistry.ParameterValues.sim] as? Double,
            let time = dictionary[EventRegistry.ParameterValues.time] as? String,
            let articleTitle = dictionary[EventRegistry.ParameterValues.articleTitle] as? String

            // If not, return nil
            else { return nil }

        // Otherwise, initialize values
        self.dataType = dataType
        self.date = date
        self.eventUri = eventUri
        self.isDuplicate = isDuplicate
        self.sourceName = sourceName
        self.lang = lang
        self.sim = sim
        self.time = time
        self.articleTitle = articleTitle

    static func articlesFromResults(_ results: [[String:AnyObject]]) -> [Article] {

        return results.flatMap(Article.init)


And this is my call to initiate the flatMap method, which returns no result:

func getEventRegistrySearchResults(completionHandlerForSearchResults: @escaping (_ articles: [Article]?, _ errorString: String?) -> Void) {

taskForGetEventRegistrySearchResults(method: "", parameters: ["" : (Any).self]) { (result, error) in

    if error != nil {
        print("There was an error getting articles")

    if let result = result {

        if let articles = result["articles"] as? [String:AnyObject] {

            if let articleResults = articles["results"] as? [[String:AnyObject]] {
                Article.sharedInstance = Article.articlesFromResults(articleResults)
                print(Article.sharedInstance.count) // Returns 0
            } else {
                completionHandlerForSearchResults(nil, "There was a problem")

Printing "articleResults" here gives me the JSON file above, but when I try to .flatMap it into my array of structs, it does not initialize any of them. What am I missing?

  • As far as I’m aware, you cannot call results.flatMap(Article.init) like that. You would need to use a closure that takes each element from the JSON array (referenced by $0 for example) and initialises an Article from it. Even trying results.flatMap(Article(dictionary: $0)) might work. – Chris Jun 12 '18 at 7:48
  • Also, there are some problems with the JSON formatting. – Chris Jun 12 '18 at 8:20
  • What you've written above is not JSON. It's the description of a dictionary (which is a different format, and not legal JSON, and not intended to be parsed). It's not clear what taskForGetEventRegistrySearchResults returns or how it generates it. I'm guessing it's using the older NSJSONSerialization, but it's not clear what parameters is in this case. I would start by putting a breakpoint on the return nil line in your init and see which entry is malformed for your expectation. – Rob Napier Jun 12 '18 at 13:45

If I were you, I'd implement the Swift 4 Codable protocol in my Article struct, and then I'd decode the array using JSONDecoder, like this

let decoder = JSONDecoder()
let articles = try! decoder.decode(Array<Article.self>, for: results)

So your articles struct would look like this:

struct Article: Codable {
    var dataType: String
    var date: Date
    var eventUri: URL
    var isDuplicate: Bool
    var sourceName: String
    var lang: String
    var sim: Double
    var time: String
    var articleTitle: String
    var image: UIImage? = nil

    static func articlesFromResults(_ results: [[String : Any]]) -> [Article] {
        let decoder = JSONDecoder()
        let articles = try! decoder.decode(Array<Article.self>, for: results)

Now, that leaves an issue with the image property, since UIImage doesn't conform to Codable, but you can look here for a solution How to conform UIImage to Codable?

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