I'm exploring Elixir language, also deep into Erlang environment recently.

I want to know how to use hot upgrade in this situation:
Usually we deploy a application begin with a root supervisor. After it's running for a few weeks, I want add a new GenServer to the root supervisor.

Could the GenServer be auto start up after deploy a hot upgrade?
Do I need to shutdown and start up the Erlang VM if I'm adding a new GenServer?

  • Just kill the supervisor from within it’s GenServer.code_change/3 callback. – Aleksei Matiushkin Jun 12 at 8:38
  • Hi, sorry for replay so late. Could you give a example about how to properly kill the supervisor and the definition of GenServer.code_change/3? – LoranceChen Jun 18 at 2:09
  • @LoranceChen some psuedo code illustrating what you are trying to do might help the answerers provide better answers. – Stratus3D Jun 19 at 15:05

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