I have a requirement to send Group of messages (List of same Bean Type) to a same Topic.

Config of XML :

<camel:route id="someRoute">
    <camel:from uri="seda:someURI" />
    <camel:to uri="bean:com.system.service.SomeBean?method=someMethod( ${body} )" />
    <camel:to id="someOtherCamelWork" uri="jms:queue:{{someTopic}}?connectionFactory=#someMqConnectionFactory&amp;transactionManager=#someTransactionManager&amp;disableReplyTo=true" />

The Method (someMethod) of SomeBean class looks like

public List<BeanType> someMethod(Object obj){
    return collectionType;

I am not sure how "someOtherCamelWork" will be able to send it one by one to someTopic.

Will splitters are better choice to use here?

Please advise.

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