i am new to java design patterns and i am building the ecommerce sit with spring mvc. but i am confused how to write various classes according to patterns.

i don't know where to put authenticate , confirmEmailAddress , addProdctCart , shoppingHistory like functions ,

so is there example of any site where i can find how divide the functions in classes


Java web frameworks tends to be more bare-bones than other web frameworks.

Rails give you convention-over-configuration and it's pretty easy to get up a data-driven/dynamic website up and running.

PHP offers several frameworks. Drupal, Wordpress, CodeIgniter, just to name a few.

I've used each of these, and each has their strength. To boil it down, I would say that in Java, you are cursed by too many options and flexibility and I would say the opposite of the other platforms.

The other platforms (non-Java) may offer methods like authenticate, confirmEmailAddress, addProdctCart, shoppingHistory that you could just fill in. You will not find this in Java.


If you read through the Spring Security tutorial, it gives you a lot of what you're looking for: Spring MVC, security, Hibernate, etc. You can checkout the PetClinic sample app from their SVN repo.

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